Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my weakness again.

There was a booming that night
Louder than water-covered footsteps,
Stronger than the white-knuckled grip of chains,
Higher than the thoughts of the soaring moon,
Cleaner than an overturned ceiling,
Faster than the blood racing through my body, yet
Weaker than the sighs coming from my heart,
Fainter than the lies i tell myself,
Rougher than the shape i trace across my frame,
Poorer than the ticking of the clock, as
I walk in self-doubting joy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bike Messengers Are on Crack


this is the video that sent me out on my bike. this is the video that sent my bike to me from New York.

her name in japanese is Kyou, which means cooperation. her name meant other things like village and apricot, but i'm not sure why i would call a bike apricot. ginger i would understand, but apricot?

Friday, April 11, 2008

bon iver

...is good music and you should listen to it.

Today i sat at my usual summer haunt, but spring tapped me on the shoulder halfway through my second chapter as if to say See that shivering? you cannot be out here yet. go home and be healthy and warm.

i look forward to the changing of spring into summer, knowing that fall will be next followed by winter, which will result in spring and yet another summer. i find such habits extremely comforting. for example, today i went to get my illinois driver's license at some usual office where they do such things, and after being severely agitated and put on edge by the walls of politics and schmoozing that goes on in a place like that, i sat and thought about summer.

the intense feelings of agitation had gone and i was left with this wonderful, childlike feeling of expectance. summer! now is the time to start anew and to try things again!

this is why i love mornings. why i love every morning--no matter the weather or mood i am in. because mornings mean a chance to start fresh and with renewed purpose.